We all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a very expensive and daunting task. There are numerous factors to consider and difficult to measure its success. We have a few questions to fuel your thoughts:

  • Are you paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for SEO and not getting the results that you want?
  • Do you know who is on your website right now and what pages they are reading?
  • Wish you had a way of getting warm leads with company name and number in real-time?
  • Wish you had a customizable and easy to understand report?
Our engineers has developed a simple and easy to use tool called Stats Tiger that will maximize your SEO dollars and give you the necessary resources to monitor, track and analyze the performance of your website.

  • Visitor Totals: Track visitor page views and unique visitors. See daily, weekly, monthly reports.
  • Global Stats: Allows you to see number of visitors per city, state and country. Learn if your marketing is working in a specific area.
  • Popular Pages: Understand what pages are important (most viewed), duration of page visit and specific historical click paths for each user.
  • Referral Links: Find out who is referring your site (back linking). Learn about your site’s relevance in terms of content.
  • SEO Analyzers™: Learn to maximize your SEO Meta Tags. Test and evaluate your site.
  • Search Engines™: See which search engines and keywords are most popularly used to find your site.
  • Visitor Identities™: ID and your visitors/competitors are visiting your website. Track new prospects.
  • Touch Mapping™: Learn about where your visitors are clicking “hot zone” and how web friendly your site is.
  • Activity Alerts™: Receive website and marketing alerts.


Track and monitor all your web marketing on one page. Ad CaM will allow you to effectively manage all your ads, cost per click and reports in one location.

Forget cold calling. Get warm leads in real-time. Lead caster will allow you to see the visitor’s company information, name of visitor and number.

Forget cold calling. Get warm leads in real-time. Lead caster will allow you to see the visitor’s company information, name of visitor and number.

What our clients say
We were able to expand our range of technology offerings using Remote Tiger’s on-demand delivery model.
- Tammy Hartweg,  Spritzweb.com
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Did you know…?
  • Majority of sites are optimized as they are being built.
  • Simply placing keywords in the keyword Meta Tag will get the page listed under that keyword.
  • 85% of users only look at the first page of results.
  • Automated queries to a search engine can get your site penalized or banned.
  • Concealed links or text in a page can boost your page rank.
  • Your Google page rank goes when you have more reciprocal links to other sites.
  • Search engines ignored index pages using Flash because it will lower its ranking.

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